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Sampling of projects completed by Latitude Associates:


Enterprise Software

Latitude Associates provides application consulting, marketing support, and implementation services to OpenMFG and its clients.  See a the series of on-line dynamic demos produced by Latitude Associates and learn more about OpenMFG by visiting:

B1 Closed-Loop Communication

Latitude Associates developed, in partnership with the William and Mary Technology and Business Center, a web based closed-loop communication infrastructure to facilitate the collection, analysis, and dissemination of technologies of interest to a large distributed government agency.  The Latitude Associates solution is based on technology from e-knowLearn more more about this unique technology here:

B1 Renewable Energy, Community Outreach

How can communities reduce their dependence on foreign sources of energy while lowering emissions?  Latitude Associates, in  partnership with the  Virginia  Clean Cities  Coalition, examined how one Virginia community achieved these results by implementing biodiesel in fleet vehicles.  Phase II of the project provides outreach and technical guidance to other communities interested in adopting this domestically produced clean burning fuel.  See the case study and the briefing presentation at the links below:

B1 Renewable Energy, Business Planning

Ethanol, a clean burning domestically produced source of fuel for transportation, is made in a few Midwestern states where corn is plentiful but automobiles are not.  Can this fuel be produced economically in Virgina, a state much closer to centers of demand?  The Green Virginia Ethanol Project engaged Latitude Associates as a primary partner for a project that assessed the feasibility of such a project and develop a preliminary business plan.

B1 Association Management, Non-Dues Revenue Generation

How can associations provide the best possible service to their members while leveraging expertise and information to generate additional revenues? Latitude Associates assists a major Washington D.C. based association to conceive, develop, market, and implement initiatives that achieve these objectives.

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