Visual Strategy


What is Visual Strategy? 


Visual Strategy is a facilitation technique for management teams with a need to:

Define a plan for the organization or a major initiative

Cultivate creative participation of all team members

Create buy-in

Identify and prioritize objectives 

Establish criteria for success 

Collectively see and own the plan, its tasks, and results


Why Facilitation? 


Facilitation enables individuals in your organization to contribute in a way that removes barriers to active participation. A facilitator can draw out creative ideas, comments, and input that may remain suppressed when a session is lead by a senior manger.

How does Visual Strategy  work?


The technique, while simple in nature, is powerful in its ability to enable your management team to see and implement a clear results oriented plan.  There are three stages to the Visual Strategy:

Stage 1 - Visual Strategy Facilitation Sessions

Stage 2 - Visual Tasking Sessions

Stage 3 - Progress Evaluation Sessions


Your team is challenged to remove barriers to creativity and define a plan all can see, understand and most of all, will execute.

What are the benefits? 


Visual Strategy is fast paced, improving team performance

Visual Strategy is self documenting and portable enabling subsequent sessions to quickly pick up where the last one finished

Visual Strategy planning sessions create a natural link to tasking sessions resulting in a plan that achieves results

Visual Strategy separates ideas from people, thereby improving opportunities for creative input from all team members

Facilitation enables team leaders to become active participants without inhibiting input from subordinate team members


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