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Christine Atherton

Principal Consultant

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Mike and Christine have complementary backgrounds enabling them to tackle complex business problems with creative and comprehensive solutions. Together they founded Latitude Associates a management consulting firm that serves a diverse collection of clients with a common need: to thoroughly assess business opportunities, clearly articulate a strategy for exploiting them, and implementation of the resulting plan.


Mike's Background:

Mike's background in application software and  eBusiness technologies combined with his operations management experience and strategic planning skills are a logical compliment to Christine's strengths in market analysis, channel management, and product development.  Representative engagements include facilitating a team of senior managers with the development of a strategic plan for their information services business, developing a comprehensive business plan for a complex industrial project, and assisting a startup software firm with readying its product for market launch.

An author of several articles, Mike has written on a host of business and technology related topics including Workflow Automation - The Correct Recipe for Success which appeared in Darwin magazine and CIO.com and Strategy Implementation: Closing The Management Gap which appeared in Industrial Management magazine.  He received a BBA from the College of William and Mary and an MBA from The George Washington University.

Mike is a private pilot with an instrument rating and has flown throughout the United States on flying vacations.


Christine's Background:

Christine's background in marketing, product development, sales, and channel management, combined with her analytical and planning skills are a natural compliment to Mike's technology, operations, and strategic planning skills. Representative engagements include development and execution of product marketing plans for major trade associations that resulted in significant increases in non-dues revenue, and the identification and implementation of international distribution channels that created new markets for publishers of technical standards and economic data.

An experienced manager, Christine has held positions with major trade associations and has worked in the credit card, airline, chemical and specialty gifts industries. She received a BBA from the College of William and Mary and an MBA from The George Washington University.  

Christine is an avid reader of the classics - her favorite author is Jane Austen - and she is a student of art history.  Her ambition is to visit the world's great art collections with the Hermitage next on the list.





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