Bioenegy Practice
Tap Latitude Associates' experience with ethanol, biodiesel, and other biomass  forms of energy to move your project from idea to action. Click here to learn more about the Bioenergy Practice and getting started now.

Strategic Planning 


The ideas are there, you're sure of it.  But, how do you draw them out of your people, prioritize, cultivate buy-in, and produce an actionable results oriented plan that moves your organization forward?  Visual Strategy is a facilitation technique which Latitude Associates employs that enables management teams to work together to develop strategic plans for their organization - or a major initiative - that members can see, understand, and implement. 

Market Analysis

Where is the next opportunity?  How large is it? What is the nature of the competition?  How do I differentiate my company and my product?  These are but a few of the questions that Latitude Associates asks in developing a comprehensive Market Analysis tailored to your objectives.  Whether domestic or international, we can asses the opportunity and provide objective guidance that clearly defines the market, associated risks, and defines a plan for moving forward.  
Channel Development  How do I reach more customers?  Sometimes the answer is to develop multiple channels for your product.  Latitude Associates has experience in finding the right channels and building relationships with leading partners within them that will put your product front and center before new customers.  Our experience channel development for clients includes work in the Unites States and foreign markets and is focused on ensuring your product receives heightened exposure that increases its visibility and your bottom line.

Technology Assessment

Technology is ubiquitous in business today, but which technology will propel your business forward achieving increased productivity and the synergies that come from drawing your people, customers, and suppliers closer together into a collaborative relationship?   Latitude Associates has the experience necessary to understand your processes and match them with technologies that will avoid the hype and achieve measurable results. 

Project Management Do you need help planning and executing a new initiative yet don't have the time or the talent in house to move it forward?  Latitude Associates can help.  Our experience managing complex projects ensures that the plan is sound, milestones are met, and your objectives achieved. 
Application Implementation

Needs analysis, process definition, training material development, training delivery, conference room piloting, and go-live planning and execution are just a few of the areas in which Latitude Associates can help you with your Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) application implementation.  We have in-depth experience with MK Manufacturing, MK Logistics Advanced Warehousing and OpenMFG.  Whether you are implementing one of these outstanding ERP systems or another, our experience ensures your implementation is on track and successful.

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