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Never before has the energy sector been poised for such dramatic change.  As oil supplies dwindle and demand across the globe rises, renewable fuels hold great promise to lessen dependency on foreign sources, bolster agricultural economies, and reduce emissions.   The challenge is one of crafting and communicating a clear plan of action to
position new renewable energy business ventures in a way that sets the vision, addresses the details and mitigates risk.

B1 Opportunities

Latitude Associates' experience with ethanol, biodiesel, and other biomass  forms of energy  uniquely positions us to assist your organization as it assesses renewable energy business opportunities.  The industry is growing rapidly, but, rapid growth also brings with it significant change.  An independent view that objectively evaluates all of the variables with a longterm perspective is critical to creating lasting value and success.

B1 Solutions

Latitude Associates provides a portfolio of services from comprehensive feasibility studies and business plan development to providing your team with assistance on individual tasks on the path to success.  Solutions include:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plan Development
  • Site Selection
  • Technology Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Profiling
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Grant Proposal Writing
B1 Experience

Latitude Associates' Renewable Energy Practice is headed by Mike Atherton and Al Christopher.  Mike and Al team up to provide a broad background in petroleum distribution, renewable fuels, and business planning.  Together they will work to assist your team determine if a business opportunity exists and the form in which it will achieve lasting success.

B1 Projects and Clients

Latitude Associates' has a diversified background providing feasibility studies, case studies, research, analysis and grant writing services to a cross section of clients in the private and public sectors of bioenergy.

Bioenergy Clients:
  • Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy
  • Southern States Energy Board
  • Southeast Biomass State/Regional Partnership
  • Virginia Clean Cities Coalition
  • Westmoreland County Schools
  • Northumberland County Schools
  • Crystal Farms
  • The College of William and Mary Technology and Business Center
Grant Application Projects:
  • Green Virginia Ethanol Project
  • Crystal Farms Atmospheric Fluid Bed Combustor Project
  • Farm Bill Workshops Series
  • Northumberland County School Biodiesel Demonstration
  • Westmoreland County School Biodiesel Readiness Project
Feasibility and Case Studies:
  • GVEP - Virginia based ethanol production and distribution study
  • GVEP - technology and feedstock assessment
  • GVEP - site selection and analysis study
  • GVEP Phase IIB - environmental assessment study
  • Arlington County, Municipal Fleet Adoption of B20 Biodiesel
  • Northumberland County, B20 Biodiesel Pilot Study
Bioenergy Partnerships:
  • Delta-T Corporation - technology and plant engineering
  • Biofuel Solutions - project development and financing
  • Kilduff Oil - biodiesel and petroleum supply chain issues

B1 Contact

Contact Mike or Al today to get your project moving forward:

Mike Atherton: (703) 965-6619
Al Christopher: (804) 436-3867

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